An effort to promote quality in software organizations led to the development of what is called the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), Write a paper describing the CMM and explain how it promotes quality. Be sure to describe what characterizes each maturity level, what the key process areas are and how they relate to maturity levels, and how organizations progress up the maturity ladder. Also be sure to discuss the return on investment of advancing through the levels of the CMM by citing actual evidence from organizations that have done it.

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Quality management is an on-going process that requires consistent scan of the environment and making changes as needed to add greater value. It is not aimed at revolutionary innovations only, but is also composed of small action plans to augment the value across the entire process. In this paper, one such model has been analyzed that has been focusing on small action plans – Capability Maturity Model (CMM).
Description of CMM
The CMM comprises of 5 maturity levels in which each level defines its own set of process goals whose attainment would lead to stabilization of the process components. The process capability of the organization increases as the levels are obtained. These levels have been discussed under (Craig & Jaskiel, 2002)....
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