Instruction Set
For this project you will create a short instruction set using Adobe InDesign as your main production tool. You will be required to use many screenshots to aid the audience along with your textual instructions. It is also the loosest project, in that, you are encouraged to use a voice and design that match the feel or ethos of whatever your topic is about.

Topic Selection
Like the Description assignment, the topic of your instructions is totally up to you. However, I do want it to be something digitally related. In other words, no “how to change a tire” or “how to clean a fish tank.” Your topic must have something to do with a computer, a tablet, an operating system, a video game, or an internet site. Unlike the Description assignment, it must be a task
where a user takes steps to complete the action.


• How to install add ons in Firefox
• How to install and run a specific anti-virus software
• How to sign up for and use Twitter
• How to best spec a Hunter in Destiny

The other requirement of your topic selection is that it’s not too simple. For example, how to set the clock on your computer is like a three click process. That’s not going to give you a very robust instruction set, and it’s not going to give you a very good grade. In the case of the time example, either pick a different topic or cover how to change the time along with a few other basic computer functions and cluster them under a title that shows how they relate.

You’re looking for at least 5 pages. Remember, this is not 5 pages of pure text. There will be screenshots and graphic design elements that also take up a lot of page real estate. We don't usually have page requirements, but it's somewhat necessary here to ensure you're doing a good mix of writing and designing.

The general outline to follow is:

• Specific and Precise Title
• Introduction With Background Information
• Sequentially Ordered Steps
• Screenshots
o No set amount, rather used rhetorically where needed
o Be creative - you may want to capture a button or icon at times and insert that into a sentence.
• Conclusion That Signals Completion of Task

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Instruction Set Using Adobe InDesign

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