Suppose that you are working on requirements of a software for one of the following applications:

For even student ID:

Software to control swarm of drones to deliver goods to customers

Do you think ethnography can help in the requirement process?

If ethnography is useful for the requirement processes of these applications, give the details of your reasoning on why and how.

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According to Sommerville, the value added by ethnography is “that it helps analysts discover implicit system requirements that reflect the actual rather than the formal processes in which people are involved” (Sommerville, 2007, p. 157). In the same section (7.2 – Requirements Elicitation and Analysis) the author highlights the importance of ethnography as observational method for both organizational and social requirements.
The above findings taken in combination with the ideas from slides 66-68 lead to the diagram from slide 69 – that shows the importance of ethnographic analysis and focused ethnography for system prototyping. Or the connection between prototyping and requirements is the former is a technique for requirements validation. This is one way of seeing the direct link between ethnography and requirements process....

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