1      Module 7 Executive Summary

This assignment gives you experience writing an executive summary, a concise version of a longer report.

Writing an executive summary requires you to read and synthesize the material to bring forth the most important points of the longer report. A reader of an executive summary wants to determine if it is worth their time to read the longer report. You, as the author of the executive summary, should make a recommendation to your reader if, and under what circumstances, the reader should read the longer report.

After completing the learning activities for this module, use what you have learned to complete this assignment:

Part 1. Review the following:
Exchange Deployment Planning Services Consultant Guide

Part 2. Write a 1-2 page (excluding the title and reference pages) executive summary in APA style using word processing software. Your critical review should include an introduction, findings, recommendations, conclusion, and a reference page.

2       Module 7 Final Project Proposal

This assignment is a proposal for your final project.

In the final project, you have the opportunity to design an enterprise messaging project for an organization. See the full Final Project directions in Module 8.

Write a 1-page proposal of your final project. You will receive feedback on your final project from your instructor.

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The Exchange Deployment Planning Services Consultant Guide, according to Microsoft, provides “an overview of the tasks and content required to deliver the Exchange Deployment Planning Service engagement.” It is intended for Microsoft’s own consultant group or certified Partner technical specialists. Curiously, it states that this document “should not be distributed to customers.” Perhaps Microsoft views this as a value-added feature of being a Microsoft partner; however, a client with this can understand what to expect from a consultant conducting their Exchange deployment and can monitor the consultant’s compliance with Microsoft standards. In this way is a valuable tool to cross-check implementation services.
The document is a step-by-step guide to an Exchange deployment. In addition, it provides links to resources including questionnaires, templates, and a large set of slides consultants can present to their clients for planning and educational purposes. Portions of these presentations need modification and additional information germane to the specific implementation. Others portions are hidden and held in reserve. Microsoft explains how to...

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