AutoPark Management System Dream Builders, New York, has approached you to develop a software application that will automate the management of the vehicle parking system at their new shopping mall, Zing.
Following is the problem statement in the words of Mr. David Wong, project manager, Zing, Dream Builders.
"We are building a marvelous piece of architecture, which is a huge recreation cum shopping complex.
We are expecting hundreds of customers every day and managing parking is surely going to be a big problem.
We have enough space to park hundreds of vehicles but I am aiming at something different, a computerized parking management system."
What we want from you is a product that can help us automate the parking system.
I do not know much of the technical jargon but I can tell you how I see it.
Suppose I am an attendant at the entrance to the mall and a vehicle drives in, then all I should have to do is ask the driver his or her name and enter the name and the vehicle number into the computer.
Then, using the software you develop, I should be able to look for a vacant location in the parking.
I should then ask the driver to pay, and give him or her a slip specifying the location in which he or she has to park the vehicle.
Such a system will help us in various ways. For example, it will be easier for us to manage large number of vehicles, utilize maximum space available, and reduce manpower.
Moreover, our customers will surely be more satisfied because it will save them the trouble of searching for a vacant location to park.
I am ready to invest a generous amount on this product but what I am looking at is a very innovative product."
Based on the above scenario and your understanding, create a 2- to 3-page document in Microsoft Word, that includes answers to the following questions:   
What questions do you need to ask to get better understanding for this project?   
What kind of requirement gathering techniques will you use to collect the full list of requirements in addition to what is listed above?
Ensure that you pick at least two techniques.
How would you deal with the possibility of requirements changing?   
Using any drawing tool, create the following models for the autopark project:   
Use case model DFD Software requirements specification document
Support your responses with examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.

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AutoPark Management System
1. What questions do you need to ask to get better understanding for this project?
a. You said that you are ready to invest a generous amount on this product, so I would like to have some question
b. How much do you want to spend on the hardware
c. You want to choose the hardware yourself or you will choose our recommended hardware
d. Does the product need to connect to a printer to print ticket
e. You want to give the driver a slip specifying the location in which he or she has to park the vehicle.
i. Do you need a 3D-map or 2D map of the park so the attendant could specify the location to the client in a slip or you just want some numerical notice
ii. Do you need to setup a big LCD map screen If you choose 3D or 2D map option, so the driver could see the location...

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