Consider the following scenario:

Your development team is working on the version 1.0 of a software code base. This version will be the main version used for team X. Beyond that point the development team will start working on version 2.0 for team Y. However, the team should maintain version 1.0 based on the bugs found by team X and these fixes should be always applied to the 1.0 version and also to 2.0 code stream. However, bugs found in the 2.0 stream should be applied to the 1.0 code stream after close consideration to make sure that version 1.0 is not disturbed.

In order to keep track of the development and the versions under development, you will need a repository for the software that includes mechanisms for recording and tracking versions.

Based on the above scenario and your understanding, you need to:

Identify and explain the best way to configure your repository to allow for maximum flexibility and maximum stability for your released code.
Develop a method for configuring and managing a software repository.
After creating the solution, search for available version control tools.
Select the tool you believe to be the best to implement your solution.
Describe how you would configure and manage your repository, focusing on required flexibility and stability.
Provide a table of version control tools that you researched upon, including a description and strengths and weaknesses of each tool with respect to your configuration solution.
Describe the version control tool you decided to implement, along with a justification explaining why you believe this tool is the best fit.
Provide a specification of how you would set up and configure the tool to effectively handle your solution.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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B. Solution
1. Identify and explain the best way to configure your repository to allow for maximum flexibility and maximum stability for your released code.
- Each version will be put on a separate branch and developers work on both branches
- If bugs are discovered in either location, fixes are ported back and forth as necessary
- If the changes made involve completely different parts of the code, the component versions may be merged automatically by the version management system by combining the deltas that apply to the code.
- If there are overlaps between changes made and they interfere with each other, the developer has to check for clashes and modify the changes so that they are compatible....

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