Read the book Software Engineering Ethics. Summarize Ch4 & Ch5; do it the following way:
- (part 1) important subject content
- (part 2) lessons you learned, your experiences, your ideas and thoughts on the respective;
2.5 page to 4 page.

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Chapter 4

Intellectual property is the result of human creativity which develops distinct products that can drive business value. It can be any form e.g. music composition, song lyrics, story, research, art and painting, innovation, software program or algorithm and in various other fields. It is important to protect the right of the ownership of these products confined to the creator and at the same time allowing these to reach to the consumer legally and ethically. According to Property rights, individuals have a right of ownership. There is no one else's correct to the individual. Second, individuals are entitled to work for themselves. The job individuals do should benefit themselves. Third, individuals have the right to things they have done through their own work, which they have removed from nature. Intellectual Property Protection brings a lot of benefit to the manufacturer and also to the distribution companies at the same time make new resources available to the society.
In US there are four possible legal ways to protect intellectual property. Trade secrets, A secret of business is a private intellectual property that offers a competitive benefit to a business. The business secrets include formulas, procedures, drawings, strategic plans, client lists and other data collections. Governments around the globe recognize a company's right to safeguard its business secrets. The confidentiality of trade secrets is important. Commercial secrets therefore cannot be adequately protected in many ways. The robbery of a trade secret is illegal, and confidentiality can be breached by other means. Reverse engineering is one way to enable a competing enterprise to legally access data in a business secret. A trademark is a term, symbol, photograph, sound or color used to define products by a company. A state allows a business to use this trademark or service mark and to discourage the use of it by other businesses. When a business is the first to market a unique product, it risks becoming a popular description of any comparable product by the brand name. Companies try to guarantee that their marks are used instead of nouns or verbs as adjectives. Trademarks help protect their brand name. An inventor with an exclusive right to a piece of intellectual property is a patent by the government of the United States. The fact that a patent is a government...

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