Read the book Software Engineering Ethics, Ch6 & Ch7.
Write summaries of those two chapters mentioning:
- (part 1) important subject content
- (part 2) lessons you learned, your experiences, your ideas and thoughts on the respective; 2.5 page to 4 page.

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In previous chapter we saw how privacy is the biggest channel in the world of internet. Privacy of the user’s must be protect, along with technical implications strong government law is required to keep the internet protected. People expect government, through powerful domestic defense, to maintain them protected and secure. Laws and administrative measures which safeguard people ' privacy by limiting how companies gather, process and disseminate data and by limiting their impact on their regular life. There are many instance which shows how privacy of the user’s violated and need of strong law is required for example. It was 18 July 1989 when actress Rebecca Schaeffer got shot by one of her Fan named Robert Bardo and In 1994 U.S. Congress enacted the Driver's Privacy Protection Act in reaction to her murder. According to such cases which had happened in United States, The national, local or state governments should have privacy of Data of those living in America.
American law restricts data collection in the following ways:
• 1.EPPA-It comes into play in 1988 which stops many employers to use lie detector.
• 2.COPPA-In 2000 it comes into play and it prohibits the more data collected gathered by children through Internet.
• 3.In 2008 GINA comes which avoid discrimination on basis of genetic information in fields of medical advantages and jobs.
Sensitive Information of citizens collected by Government Census Bureau but they revealed its information to other agencies during National emergency and because of which Japanese Americans were rounded up and sent to camps of internment.
In 2000 FBI NCIC formed used to collect databases which are in support oagencies in U.S. In 1995 National Crime Information center ease Timothy McVeigh's arrest in Oklahoma City for the Federal Building Bombing. In 1968 the use of Closed-Circuit Television Cameras began in Western part of New York which used for Basic Surveillance. About 70 percent of police in U.S. use scanners to detect license of cars plate number.
Departments of Police use drones at to look over more crowded areas. From 1890 wiretapping was being used for Telephone conversation interception...

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