This exercise is intended to allow each student to present a very short overview of one of the patterns.
1. Create a slide deck presentation for any one of the design pattern of your choice that we have not covered in full detail in the examples.
2. The design pattern presentation must contain
a. The name of the pattern
b. The basic principle of the pattern
c. An example of its use which is not identical to the Gang-of-Four motivational example.
3. The presentation should be geared to approximately 5 minutes.
4. Each slide must have associated with it at least a paragraph of text to explain the contents of the material on the slide.
• It's highly recommended you do not cover the Singleton pattern. The is probably the widest used design pattern, and therefore also the most incorrectly used one. There is a lot of poor information available for it, along with some very bad anti-patterns.

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A class exhibits state and behavior. It consists of various operations which are represented by a set of methods. A task which is considered and executed as a command, can consists of a series of operations to be performed in a specific order. A class is always open of a change and in order to extend the class there are a lot of design patterns which makes this process a lot easier to manage. However, there is a still a challenge to extend the commands which can be performed by an entity, as it can change over time. To handle this scenario more efficiently i.e. by keeping the code loosely couple and achieving command extendibility we are discussing command design pattern in detail.
To providing extendibility to execute more commands without making too many changes to the existing code i.e. extending functionality and yet keeping the code loosely coupled.
Command design pattern can be applied when requirements are one of the following:
Building a complex system...

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