Software Engineering Architecture

This exercise is about constructing a utility tree.

Self-driving cars are based on autonomous vehicle technology. Aim of this technology is to make vehicle empowered to take self-control over the speed and steering of the vehicle which is equipped with technology on high braking accuracy with the capability of energy efficient and collision avoidance.  

It consists of the following technologies:  
1. Anti-collision Radar Technology – To keep a safe distance on the road.  
2. Radar guidance and in-line piloting – Long-short range radar.  
3. Open-road convoy – Connected vehicle technology with IOT interoperability support.  
4. Vehicle Localization – Vehicle Tracking System.  
5. Perception Sensors – Track, detect and classify objects around the vehicle.  

Safety Elements as per NHTSA’s guidance:  
1. System Safety – Designing a self-driving system free from safety risk.  
2. Operational Design Domain – It includes the operative environment, location, and weather.  
3. Object and Event Detection and Response – System to be able to detect and respond to the event when needs to perform a quick driving task.  
4. Fallback (Minimum Risk Condition) – Transition to a safe state in case of failure. 
5. Validation Methods – To minimize risk during operational activity.  
6. Human Machine Interface – Interaction between the person in/out of the vehicle should be able to interact efficiently and quickly.  
7. Vehicle Cybercity – To protect data of vehicle’s and person using the car from cyber-attacks.  
8. Crashworthiness – Protecting person in-case from the crash events.  
9. Post-crash Behavior – System should be able to recover from a crash state to a safe state.  
10. Data Recording – Logging crash events and driving history to improve technology further is a relevant standard.  
11. Consumer Education and Training – Educating and to make people aware of the self-driving car about usage and safety.  
12. Federal, State, and Local News – To comply with federal law, along with That system must adhere to the state and local laws. It should comply with all regulations about fuel economy, noise, and emission standards. 

1-This is what is required:

Construct the Quality Attribute Utility Tree (Table 16.5 in [Bass 3rd Ed. 2012]; also shown in the Supplement Notes) to find solid architectural drivers and to prioritize them.

Starting from the paragraph of:
"Programmers who practice TDD create a vast number of automated tests that they keep together and run as a regression suite. This is something you can measure! Measure the coverage. Measure the number of tests. Measure the number of new tests per sprint. Measure the amount of defects reported after each sprint, and use that to determine the adequacy of the test coverage." to the end of the paragraph. Do not work on the first half of the article only the half that starts from the previously mentioned paragraph to the end

You can use also additional resources for that PPT.

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