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What is needed: 1. Estimate the features using story points for the entire product backlog.(1 word page) 2. Develop a release plan based on your team’s velocity. Refine the plan after each simulated sprint. Please conduct three simulated sprints.(1 word page) 3. Develop an issue tracking excel table and use it to track issues identified each sprint.(1 excel page) The features are: FE-1: The System does requests through web or mobile applications to pick up designated individuals to the desired destination with/without human driver. FE-2: The System does GPS Tracking. FE-3: The System does live streaming of the inside and surroundings of the system and authorized users are able to monitor and check the live or recorded video. FE-4: The System does archive live streaming to the cloud storage immediately FE-5: The System does communicate with traffic signs/ The System does voice activation FE-6: The System does Individual user profiles which have settings for certain components FE-7: The System does provide hotspot capability. FE-8: The System does provide a UI which displays objects detected by sensors FE-9: The System does provide self-parking capabilities FE-10: The System does provide a caravan capabilities where other systems can sync to one another in the same mode and share data and share controls. Use Cases: UC-1: User access and login to the fCar system website and requests fCar vehicles for the specific time and location UC-2: User ride on the requested fCar vehicle and fCar automatically recognize the user in the car safely and start routing to the desired destination UC-3: User requests multiple cars to drive to accommodating group of people to get to the same destination (caravan mode) UC-4: User requests to detour or stop over during the ride via voice command. If fCar is in caravan mode, syncs to all the vehicles in use. UC-5: Control tower monitors where all the fCar vehicles are on map. UC-6: User check on the map where all the available fCar vehicles are and see the time to arrive at the current destination. UC-7: User set the profile on their account to preset the seat position, voice recognition and favorites address. UC-8: User connects personal devices via wi-fi provided by fCar vehicle UC-9: Control tower check the vehicles surrounding as surveillance camera UC-10: User and Control Center check and see what fCar vehicles are detecting on the street in order to ensure that the fCar is working properly. UC-11: User requests for the fastest route to the destination, and fCar shall calculate the route based on the road and traffic conditions UC-12: User requests fCar to pick up item from restaurants or local shops to deliver to the desired destination Diagram: Product BAcklog Table: # Requirement Category Priority Estimate 1 As a user, I would like to see previous courses and their grades functional High 2 As a user (teacher, student or administrator) I would like to send a message to another user functional Low 3 As a student, I would like to be able to drop a course before the second week of classes. functional Medium 4 A student cannot enroll in a course which its prerequisite course has not been taken and passed before constraint Low 5 As a teacher, I would like to enter grades for each student on a course functional High 6 As a teacher, I would like to be able to drop students from a class functional Medium 7 As a teacher, I would like to view the history of previous courses for a student. functional High 8 As a system administrator, I want system to do graduation checks based on the total courses passed and required functional Low 9 As an system administrator, I would like the system to generate student transcripts, courses taken and grades functional Medium 10 As a system administrator, I would like to enter new students and teachers into the system, and assign passwords functional High 11 As a system administrator, I would like to assign and remove permission for a teacher functional High 12 As a school administrator, I would like to enter the class schedule for a semester functional Low

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