Software Engineering Architecture project :
That is a one page exercise about technical environment for a self driving car. This technical environment needs to include standard industry practices and engineering techniques prevalent in the architect’s professional community to build the targeted system. It can 2/3 include both international/national/de-facto standards, and laws/rules/regulations defined by the government/state sectors that are related to the technologies to build the target system. You must know/survey the technical environment when/before you start this project, so that it can be considered in your business case (go or stop), architecting, estimation, planning, and risk analysis for the project in brief to fit in 1 page.
These are some of the features of the self driving car system that can help develop a simple technical environment in only 1 page.
1. vehicle shall drive itself without a presence of human being
2. shall park without human control
3. shall send exact location (GPS, map)
4. Communicate with traffic signs
5. Voice activation
6. Individual user can have a profile that has a different preference preset (seat position, voice recognition, etc)
7. can provide hot-spot

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Self-driving cars are based on autonomous vehicle technology. Aim of this technology is to make vehicle empowered to take self-control over the speed and steering of the vehicle which is equipped with technology on high braking accuracy with capability of the energy efficient and collision avoidance.
It consist...

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