Chidamber and Kemerer developed six metrics for measuring the complexity of object-oriented software programs – one of these is Coupling Between Objects (CBO).

1. Assume you want to compare two systems using the CBO measure. One system is built in a programming language where all variable types (eg. int, string etc.) are implemented using classes, the other system is built in a different programming language where the same variable types are implemented as primitive data types. Discuss the issues in comparing the two systems using CBO, and how would you modify the CBO measure to make the comparison fair.

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First of all, CBO is a measurement that was intended for OOP programs. In essence, the CBO class represents the number of classes that are related/”coupled” to a given class. As the documentation points out, this connection is counted in multiple ways, based on several references like: the method call, “extends”, variables that are present in the methods, the method arguments, properties, “return” types and so forth. This gives a high coverage and relevance for CBO measurement in the context of a program that uses classes....

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