1- based on your information and own experience, develop "ten commandments" for empowering software engineers. That is, make a list of 10 guidelines that will lead to software people who work to their full potential.

2- write a statement of scope that bounds a problem you choose. Develop a small application that analyzes each course offered by a university and reports the average grade obtained in the course for instance.

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1) Software engineer field represents a complex IT sector and a great challenge for professionals because it requires more than one qualification in order to can successfully deal the enrolled developing projects. The required guideline can’t be considered complete as long as it doesn’t include the foundation of software engineering. The commandments must cover “life cycle models, project planning and estimation, requirements analysis, program design, construction, testing, maintenance and implementation, software measurement, and software quality” (605.401 Foundations of Software Engineering). The necessity of this inclusion (involving the most of these considerations) is also highlighted as being seven base principles of software engineering (Boehm ).
A successful software engineer needs to follow a series of principles and to extract from each of them what’s most relevant in the context of each project....

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