Explain in detail what the “Adapter Pattern” is.

Explain in detail what the “Factory Pattern” is.

Explain in detail what the “Singleton Pattern” is.

Discuss what you understand by the “Controller Pattern”.

What do you understand when an architect tells you he or she is developing a multi-layer design?

Discuss what roles a systems engineer plays in each of the different phases of an SDLC.

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Adapter Pattern – it is recommended to be used when, for example, there is a class that expects a certain type of object and that object exists but it requires a different interface in order to be used by that class. Thus an Adapter Pattern converts the interface of a class into another needed interface, such way that both classes can work together. In conclusion, it can be said that an adapter pattern contributes to solving incompatibility due to different interfaces.
In summary, there are four interacting items when adapter pattern is used: target – it defines that interface used by client’s class, adaptee- defines the actual interface which requires being adapted, adapter – converts the adaptee interface to target interface and client- it works together with compliant objects to the target....

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