Respond to each of the following questions with two paragraph answer.

a) How does the use of microservices in a cloud-based architecture impact availability?

b) Consider a mobile device connected by a standard data link to a cloud based system that manages bus routes, and current bus positions for bus riders. How would services be partitioned so that one could have both a browser based interface to a system that deliver bus route information as well as a “native” application that took advantage of certain platform based.
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a) How does the use of microservices in a cloud-based architecture impact availability?
The most part of the answer is retrieved after studying the comparison between microservices-based architecture and monolith-based architecture. Unlike the “monolith” approach, where the entire application is built like a single functional unit, in case of processes-based applications, the decoupling of microservices ensures more availability for data (if a service fails, then it is easier to identify the source of failure and to restore the service)....
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