Write a paper on the following problem: We would like to be able to display the current outdoor temperature on all of the desktops connected to the network in our building. Consider just the function of obtaining the outdoor temperature so the system can serve it to the desktops. Think about at least three different ways this functionality can be allocated to different kinds of subsystems. Consider allocating this function to hardware, software, and people.
Using Weighted Pugh Decision matrices, show scenarios in which each of the allocations could be shown to be the optimal choice.

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This report is based on the analysis of the system for depicting the outdoor temperature and depiction of the same on the desktops that are available in the building. This system would comprise of the three main categories of software, hardware and people. The composition of the system would require the performance of many tasks and this report seeks to analyze the various alternatives on the basis of Weighted Pugh Decision matrix and suggest the best available alternative.

The development of the system for displaying outdoor temperature can be done through several methods. Some of the methods are use of digital thermometer, use of manually collected data and entering it into the system for display and developing sensors so that they can track the outside temperature and display it on the respective systems. The three subsystems used are people, software and hardware. The allocation drivers that would be used are performance, cost and reliability...
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