Implement the IDS with SNORT and use a virtual machine with two operating system to stimulate the connection between a server and client (use Fedora). Also provide screenshots from the output.

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Two Virtual Machines were built: Fedora(16) to serve as client and LinuxMint(17) as the server.
Since we needed both internet access and for the server to be able to access the entirety of the incoming traffic a NAT network was defined. The NAT network structure is so that the client is capable of accessing the Internet (much like a reguar NAT), without the network traffic being (virtually) prefiltered before it goes into the server (unlike regular NAT, much like a host-only network).
The network adapters were set to be promiscuous, so that the server will be able to sniff the traffic going into the client. Each of the two was DHCP-ed a LAN address....
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