Software Requirements
Develop a Web application to collect data for a student’s midterm grades in a specific semester, determine their overall semester GPA, and whether they are eligible for the Dean’s List.

The user first enters their name. The semester in the standard form (e.g., 16/FA, 16/SU) and then the number of classes they wish to enter (up to 10).
The student should then be able to enter the following for each course, course ID (e.g. IT355), midterm grade, and the number of credits. The grades are entered as a number between 0 and 100.

The system calculates the overall GPA for the student and displays the student’s name, semester, and the calculated semester grade expressed as:

94-100% A; 90-93% A-; 87-89% B+; 84-86% B; 80-83% B-; 77-79% C+; 74-76% C; 70-73% C-; 67-69% D+; 64-66% D; 60-63% D-; 0-59% F

The system also determine whether the student is eligible for the Dean’s List (at least 12 credits, GPA of 3.4 or above) and indicated this on the Web page.

PART 1: Test Plan Schedule
Students must prepare sections of a Test Plan for the above application. You have been provided with the requirements above to assist in developing your test plan sections.

The document should include:
1. Title Page with title, date and author’s name.
2. Table of Contents (with page numbers, automatically generated).
3. Description of the application (one to two paragraphs indicating its functionality, who is the intended audience and how it might be used).
4. Test scope
5. Testing strategy Including functional and at least 3 non-functional tests
6. An estimate of the level of effort that you think it will take to complete the testing, including any assumptions you have made in making this estimate.

PART 2: Test Case Documentation
Develop functional test cases for the scenario above. List 5 or more test scenarios, positive and negative outcomes for each in a table (formatted correctly with an embedded Excel spreadsheet or a Microsoft table) including the following columns:
1. A unique code
2. The type of test
3. The test scenario (what are you testing)
4. The precise data that you will enter to test this scenario (should include both a passing and a failing test case)
5. The expected result (if the system was working correctly

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

Test Plan Schedule

Description of the application 3
Test scope 3
Testing strategy including functional and non-functional test 5
Estimate of the level of testing effort 6

Description of the application

1. Functionality
a. Collect student’s grades in a specific semester
b. Check the correctness of the input
c. Determine the overall GPA
d. Let the student know whether he/ she is eligible for the Dean’s List
e. Indicate the information to the Web page
2. Intended audience
a. Human factor:
i. The student who wants to get extra financial aid, especially if he/ she express a desire to transfer or exhibits more financial need
ii. The staff who take care of the Dean’s List
iii. All users who access to the Web page
b. Non-human factor
i. User’s browsers, operating system , hardware
ii. User’s connection speed, and connection type
iii. Expected performance ( the amount of time for loading or executing a task)
iv. Security issue
3. Its usage
a. Collect the data
b. Check the correctness of the input data by accessing the database
c. Calculate the GPA
d. Determine whether the student is eligible for the Dean’s List
e. Show the result on the ...

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