Create an effective test plan for a feature choosing from following domains

(6) Health Care - Covered California

The test plan should contain these components:

Test Scope, Out of Scope, Test Objectives, Assumptions, Risk Analysis, Test Design, Roles & Responsibilities, Test Schedule & Resources, Test Data Management, Test Environment, Communication Approach, Test Tools, Exit Criteria.

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Test Plan for the Account Set Up Feature on the Covered California Domain

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

I. Scope 3

II. Out of scope 3

III. Assumptions 4

IV. Schedules 5

V. Deliverables 6

Test Plan for the Account Set Up Feature on the Covered California Domain

I. Introduction

The test plan relates to a proposed analysis of the account set up feature on the Covered California website.
The test will focus on creation of an active user account that allows one to access features that are not visible to guest browsers.

There are three categories of user account applications, and this analysis will focus on the individuals & family account application.
The analysis will only cover the account creation process, so it will primarily be functional testing using the data that is available on the website.

It is assumed that once the account set up process is complete the user’s account will be activated and the user will be redirected to the main page with his/her name as well as a welcome message displayed

II. Scope

This test plan will cover all the steps.
The testing will begin at the application type selection, and work toward creation of a fully functional account, that a user can...

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