Chapter 5 – Multiple Choice
Instructions: Select the best answer.

1. ____ are defining characteristics of objects.
a. Portals
b. Properties
c. Events
d. Tags

2. ____ controls whether a color is more or less intense.
a. Patching
b. Brightness
c. Hue
d. Saturation

3. A ____ is a moving picture that displays on the monitor screen when not in use.
a. screen background
b. monitor background
c. screen saver
d. monitor saver

4. The ____ setting controls how much time will elapse before a screen saver is turned on.
a. Wait
b. Go
c. Stop
d. Timer

5. Accessible via the Screen Saver Settings dialog box, the power ____ area allows you to select a power scheme.
a. saver
b. management
c. hibernation
d. control

6. Resolution is the clarity of ____ on your screen.
a. text
b. images
c. either a. or b.
d. neither a. nor b.

7. By default, the only icon that appears on the Windows 7 desktop is ____.
a. Microsoft Help
b. My Documents
c. My Computer
d. the Recycle Bin

8. A____ is a link to any object on the computer or a network.
a. tag
b. shortcut
c. rating
d. taskbar

9. The ____ toolbar lets you visit select Web sites without launching a browser.
a. Address
b. Internet
c. Web
d. Links

10.   A ____ is a means of navigating to a location on a computer.
a. path
b. road
c. trail
d. key

Chapter 5 – True/False
Instructions: Select T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.
T F 1.   Windows 7 considers most items on the desktop to be events.
T F 2.   The desktop background file type, bitmap, has the extension .bmp.
T F 3. The sound theme determines all the sounds played when Windows events occur.
T F 4. Hosting is a dim version of an image that can be etched onto a monitor if you are not using a screen saver.
T F 5. The Display window is used to control the display settings for your monitor.
T F 6. Saturation is the clarity of text and images on your screen.
T F 7. Screen refresh rate is also referred to as monitor blinking.
T F 8. By default, the taskbar is locked into position.
T F 9. A property is a means of navigating to a location on a computer
T F 10. The clock can be removed from the notification area.

Chapter 5 – Short Answer
Instructions: Fill in the best answer.

1. A(n) ____________________ is a set of graphical elements that give the desktop a unified and distinctive look.
2. The ____________________ is the pattern or picture that displays on the desktop, appearing behind windows and icons.
3. If you move the slider on the Color ____________________bar to the left, you make the window appear more transparent by decreasing the amount of color.
4. ____________________controls whether a color is more or less intense.
5. ____________________determines how light or dark the hue and saturation appear.
6. A(n) ____________________ includes all the sounds that are played when Windows events occur, such as when the computer starts up or shuts down, when an error occurs, and when the Recycle Bin is emptied.
7. A(n) ____________________ is a moving picture or pattern that displays on the monitor when you have not used the mouse or keyboard for a specified period of time.
8. ____________________ refers to the clarity of the text and images on your screen.
9. By default, three shortcuts are displayed on the taskbar when Windows 7 is installed: ____________________, Windows Explorer, and Windows Media Player.
10. To create a custom toolbar on the taskbar, right-click the taskbar, point to Toolbars on the shortcut menu, and then click ____________________ toolbar.

Chapter 6 – Multiple Choice
Instructions: Select the best answer.

1. A(n) ____ account has full control of the computer and operating system, and can change user permissions.
a. administrator
b. guest
c. standard
d. basic

2. By default, the Control Panel window displays in ____ view.
a. Classic
b. Icon
c. Category
d. Windows 7

3. The Action ____ can help you to manage your computer’s security by monitoring the status of several essential security features on your computer, including firewall settings.
a. Library
b. Gallery
c. Center
d. Lab

4. The WEI base scores can range from 1 to ____.
a. 7.0
b. 7.9
c. 9.9
d. 10.0

5. Device ____ allows you to display a list of the hardware devices installed on your computer and also allows you to update device drivers.
a. Saver
b. Manager
c. Hub
d. Control

6. ____ refers to the default action that occurs when you connect a device such as a USB flash drive or an optical disc.
a. AutoInstall
b. AutoAction
c. AutoPlay
d. AutoLaunch

7. A ____ printer is a printer attached to another computer or directly attached to the network.
a. network
b. default
c. computer
d. local

8. The ____ printer is the printer to which all printed documents are sent.
a. network
b. default
c. computer
d. local

9. The three types of user accounts does not include ____.
a. Guest
b. Administrator
c. Standard
d. Primary

10.   It is recommended that you uninstall the program using the Programs and ____ window.
a. Features
b. Tools
c. Gadgets
d. Network

Chapter 6 – True/False
Instructions: Select T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.
T F 1.   In the Control Panel window, a lock icon displays next to tasks requiring User Account Control access.
T F 2. When changed to icons, all of the individual Control Panel icons display in category order instead of alphabetically.
T F 3. Windows Firewall is automatically turned on when Windows 7 is launched.
T F 4. The System window displays summary information about your computer.
T F 5. Computers with lower base scores perform complex tasks more easily than computers with higher scores.
T F 6. Windows Update is turned on by default when Windows 7 is installed.
T F 7. Important updates are noncritical updates, but can improve performance.
T F 8. When you add a printer, scanner, camera, keyboard, mouse, or any other hardware device, Windows 7 usually installs and configures it automatically.
T F 9. Mouse Keys requires that the keyboard have a numeric keypad.
T F 10. High Contrast themes are designed for individuals who are mobility impaired.

Chapter 6 – Short Answer
Instructions: Fill in the best answer.
1. A(n) ____________________ is a collection of information that Windows 7 needs to know about a computer user.
2. The ____________________ arrow in the Control Panel window allows you to display the items as large or small icons.
3. Windows ____________________is a program that protects your computer from unauthorized users by monitoring and restricting information that travels between your computer and a network or the Internet.
4. The Windows ____________________ Index measures the capability of your computer’s hardware and software configuration and assigns a base score to your system.
5. You can view the complete details of your WEI score or update your score in the Performance Information and ____________________window.
6. A device ____________________is a program used by the operating system to control the hardware.
7. An update that is identified as ____________________is a critical update and usually is a security update, a bug fix, or both.
8. A(n) ____________________printer is a printer directly attached to the computer.
9. A(n) ____________________is a socket on the back of a computer used to connect a hardware device to the computer.
10. Windows 7 provides customization tools for people who are mobility, hearing, or vision impaired, which are known as ____________________features.

LAB 6:

1. How often do you use the search function? Have your experience been positive or negative?
2. Windows 7 provides a variety of searching methods, write down the list of all the searching methods. Which method is the easiest one?
3. If you are unable to find your files in one folder, what can you do to search without having to completely re-create the search?
4. Where can you perform searching without first having to open a folder?
5. What is Boolean search? What is Boolean operator?
6. Provide list of Boolean operators with examples and explanations.
7. What is Everywhere saved search? What is Indexed Locations saved search?
8. What is Custom Scope?
9. What is Natural Language searching?
10. Under what situation are you most likely to use natural language search? a specific property value search? a Boolean search? a wildcard search?
11. What does Windows 7 use to increase the speed at which it searches selected folders and files?
12. What are the pros and cons of indexing?
13. What is a Saved Search?
14. By default, how many saved searches are provided by Microsoft? What are the name of the saved searches?
15. Under what circumstances would you want to remove a file from the index? Under what circumstances would you want to add a file to the index? If you remove a file from the index, how will it impact your searches using the index? How will it impact your ability to search within the removed folder?
16. You are having a hard time finding some of your vacation photos on your computer, and decide to do a search.   You know that the photos have the tag, our vacation, and are saved them as JPEG files. What command can you use for searching the photos?
17. If you want to find a file with a date property value of before 11/1/2017, what would you enter in the Search box?
18. To find all files with the exact phrase “Sunny day”, what would you enter in the Search box?

Chapter 7 – Multiple Choice
Instructions: Select the best answer.

1. When using the Search box, you simply type a ____, and Windows 7 searches for matches.
a. symbol
b. command
c. keyword
d. character

2. You can search for files that match an exact phrase as part of its properties using ____.
a. double quotation marks
b. single quotation marks
c. parentheses
d. curly brackets

3. In a custom ____, you select the locations you want to search and then apply the current search to the locations.
a. sweep
b. scope
c. search
d. scan

4. Filtering by the ____ heading includes a list of the file types found in the current folder.
a. date
b. rating
c. name
d. type

5. A(n) ____ search is a set of instructions about how to conduct a particular search, and not the actual search results themselves.
a. default
b. archived
c. saved
d. controlled

6. To access saved searches you have created, you can find them in the Navigation pane under the ____ listing.
a. Favorites
b. Accounts
c. Preferences
d. Settings

7. If the search does not display the results you want, you can expand the search by using the Search Results ____ or by searching the Internet.
a. wizard
b. window
c. navigator
d. gadget

8. You can search for files using any of the file properties, such as the file’s ____.
a. name
b. author
c. size
d. all of the above

9. As soon as results begin to appear on the Start menu, you can click the appropriate link to open the search in the ____ window.
a. Search Findings
b. Search Gallery
c. Search Results
d. Search Library

10.   The Start menu search searches both ____ and non-indexed locations.
a. recycled
b. archived
c. saved
d. indexed

Chapter 7 – True/False
Instructions: Select T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.
T F 1.   The easiest search method is to use the Search box in the folder or library where the files you are searching for should be located.
T F 2.   The Boolean operators AND, NOT, and OR can be in either uppercase or lowercase letters.
T F 3. You cannot use numbers in your searches.
T F 4. You can search for files that match an exact phrase as part of its properties using single quotation marks.
T F 5. When working with the Search box to search using file size, you can specify kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), or gigabytes (GB).
T F 6. A decreasing number of programs are using XML (Extensible Markup Language) files.
T F 7. Windows 7 uses indexing to increase the speed at which it searches selected folders and files.
T F 8. Media files often have additional specialized properties that are searchable.
T F 9. Because files can have multiple tags, Windows 7 places colons between each tag.
T F 10. When you no longer need a folder to be indexed, you should remove it from the index.

Chapter 7 – Short Answer
Instructions: Fill in the best answer.

1. Known as a(n) ____________________, the * takes the place of one or more characters when part of your keyword is unknown.
2. You can design a ____________________ search, which is a type of search that uses Boolean operators.
3. You need to type ____________________ after the property name for the search to work.
4. When ____________________ is turned on, you can be more general in your search, and use phrases that are similar to those you use when you write or speak.
5. ____________________ files arranges them in increasing or decreasing order depending upon the file list heading you select.
6. You can search for files using any of the file ____________________, such as the file’s name, author, size, and type.
7. When searching for a file, Windows 7 allows you to search using the ____________________ property. This can be helpful if you are searching for a photo you took two years ago, but you do not want to search through each photo in your library.
8. Specialized properties of ____________________files in Windows 7 include camera make, camera model, dimensions, orientation, date taken, width, height, flash mode, and rating.
9. Computer users typically assign their own ratings, where ____________________ stars indicates the highest rating and fewer stars indicate lower ratings.
10. ____________________ files in Windows 7 may have additional properties, such as bit rate, artist, year, duration, album, genre, lyrics, track, year, and rating.

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Chapter 5

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