8-10 APA pages on research related to the computer processors topics and their advancement over time together with the current trend. The selected topic involves Memory Management Unit and Virtual Memory.

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Memory Management and Virtual Memory

Major goal of the reviewed topic was to outline a series of available methods meant to limit the negative effect caused by significant speed difference between main memory unit and secondary storage. This difference represents the immediate consequence of the fact that MMU is directly addressable by processor, while VMU is not. The impact can be regarded from at least two distinct directions, namely 1) overall performances of the computing devices and 2) users’ perception on what is commonly considered the memory space. Hardware designers intend to provide the image of a compact and direct addressable memory space, beyond the existing levels of hierarchical model that must be hidden for users.


Jon Shiell has justified the importance of virtual memory specifying that each process running into physical memory must be able requiring for more memory space than is currently available within the physical space (Shiell, 1986). In a way, this opinion also synthetizes the increasing importance over time for virtual memory, because the volume of data and code which needs to be stored is generally bigger than the available amount of physical memory installed on computing devices. This finding has determined that current requirements of running processes for memory space can be satisfied with the contribution of an address translation mechanism between logical address space used by programmer and physical location of the storing space. At this level, the hardware is involved into address mapping mechanism. The former is commonly known as virtual address, while the latter is considered physical address. However, the address translation mechanism is not the only design improvement which targets to provide more memory for running processes. The swapping technique and swap space must be seen as parts of the same context. Average users must have noticed this term at least once when dealing with a special partition built on the secondary storage units. Since its major scope is to make available data located into primary memory either to or from secondary memory using the advantages of virtual memory system, it is useful to regard the swapping space as binder between OS and memory unit. As it will be seen later in the report, the operating system has a decisive role in what regards a series of key operations that can lead either to page faults or segmentation faults....

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