1. It is often difficult to simultaneously satisfy multiple non-functional properties (NFPs). Discuss the tradeoffs between the following NFPs with respect to their impact on a system’s architecture. For each trade-off, provide the answer in three parts: discuss how your architectural choices can help maximize both properties in tandem. Make sure to provide your answer at least in terms of the role and specific characteristics of components and connectors that impact the NFPs.
a.       Performance versus complexity
b.      Safety versus efficiency
c.       Reliability versus adaptability.

2. Consider the problem of modifying several of the Lunar Lander Design to serve as a Martian Lander. Would the changes required be confined to components or would connectors be involved?

3. Consider the problem of adapting the Lunar Lander design to work by remote control. That is, instead of the Lander having a pilot on earth must control the decent. What type of changes would be required to the components? To the connectors?

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1. a. Performance versus complexity: when the case of performance and complexity is considered, performance will be given more points as that os complexity as the system if will not perform well and does not provide required performance, the simplicity will be of no use.
b. Safety versus efficiency: the safety is more required as compared to that of efficiency. A secure component rather than an efficient component is...

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