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1. A 32-bit computer has two selector channels and one multiplexor channel. Each selector channel supports two hard disks and two DVDs units. The multiplexor channel has two printers, three VDT terminals connected to it. Assume the following transfer rates. Disk drive 800 Kbytes/s DVD drive 700 Kbytes Printer 20 Kbytes/s VDT 30 Kbytes/s Estimate the maximum aggregate I/O transfer rate in this system. Show how you estimate. 2. Given the following set of events, show which routines the CPU is executing for times 0 to 150 ms. Each handler routine (with its interrupt request) takes 25 ms to complete. The priority of the interrupts ranges from IRQ6 as the highest priority interrupt to IRQ0 as the lowest priority interrupt. Time Action 0 ms Start of main program 10 ms IRQ1 25 ms IRQ3 35 ms IRQ4 45 ms IRQ6 55 ms IRQ2 Time Action 0 ms: Start of Main Program 10 ms: IRQ1 3. Why do you think the term random access device is something of a misnomer for disk drives? 4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a small number of sectors per disk cluster?

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1) Answer: First, we recall that one selector channel can only serve one device/component at a time. Because we are asked to estimate the maximum aggregate I/O transfer rate in this system and the disk drive has higher transfer rate than the DVD unit, it means that we compute the required transfer rate using the disk drive for each selector channel. The remaining devices (printers and VDT terminals) can be served by...
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