Write a few double-spaced pages paper on comparing two hardware architectures. Touch the following topics:

2. Layers of software
3. Number systems
4. Floating Point
5. Hardware operations: Operands of hardware & memory operands and representing instructions in computers, ISA
6.Computer organization: RISC & CISC, pipelining
7. Memory hierarchy (primary & secondary)
8. Buses and bus architecture
9. Operating systems

Note - Wikipedia pages are acceptable as references.

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From structural point of view, the two architectures have similar component parts, like: registers (these hold data for CPU), ALU (logical arithmetic unit – take values from registers and returns values also to registers), control unit (decides what operation to execute, directs data flow between ALU and registers) and clock (synchronizes internal operations with other devices).
The MIPS R2000 processor contains a set of 32 general purpose 32-bit registers that are numbered from 0 to 31. First register contains only the constant value 0, while the last register is used by function call and returns address. The conventions regarding usage purpose for the rest of registers are the following: $at (1) – reserved for the assembler, $k0...

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