Study log made on Tannenbaum's book "Distributed Systems - Principles & Paradigms" 2nd Ed.
The work summarizes 20 work concepts from the aforementioned book without using original writing.

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A DS can be regarded as a heterogeneous system formed by multiple autonomous components that work together to achieve the established goals. They can be interconnected in many ways and don’t share a common structure. The main particularity of a DS is that its components appear to users as a single system (TVS2)
Common goals of DS include transparency, openness, scalability and accessibility.
Accessibility is a measure of how the resources are made available to the users considering the configuration and architecture of a DS. It depends on how the resources are connected, shared and controlled in the system, but without losing security considerations (TVS4)
Openness involves the flexibility of the system when separating the policy from mechanism (TVS8) - this approach is necessary for providing services that respect the set of existing rules. At the same time, it is important that components to be integrated easily in the system since their change must not jeopardize the functionality of the entire system. ...
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