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VHDL for Sequential Circuits: Implementing a customized State Machine 1 Objectives  To simulate and verify the operation of a sequential circuit.  To design a finite state machine (FSM) that cycles through the individual digits of your student ID using the assigned state diagrams.  To learn the difference between Mealy and Moore machines and express the FSMs with different state assignments. 2 Pre-Lab Preparation 1. You will be assigned one of the state machines described by the state diagrams shown in Figure 1. 2. Your implementation will either be a Mealy or Moore state machine as assigned by your lab instructor. Produce a state table and state-assigned table for your customized state machine. 3. Design the logic equations for each of the Flip-Flop inputs described in Figure 3. 4. Draw the logic diagram either as Mealy or Moore state machine for your circuit (depending on the assignment by your lab instructor.) 5. Create a file lab5.vhd to program the Cyclone- II EP2C35F672C6 FPGA (Hint: Use any of the methods represented in Figures 8.29, 8.33, or 8.35 of the text book). 3 Laboratory Work 1. Create the subdirectory lab5 in your work directory, and copy the file lab5.vhd to the subdirectory. 2. Consider the 9 digits of the student identifier D = {d1, d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d9} in its general representation. Then, as an example, a student with identifier: 500435429 will follow the sequence as in Table 1. 3. The corresponding Mealy/Moore machine state diagrams for representing student ID in Table 1 is depicted as in Figure 2. Your circuit design must handle non-valid states and non-valid student identifier cases by displaying an “E” in the seven segment display. 4. Modify and compile your design (Figures 4 and 5). 5. Assign all Input (Output) signals to any dedicated Input (Output) pins of the Cyclone- II EP2C35F672C6 FPGA on the prototype board (see Pin Assignment Tables in Lab3). Recompile your design. NOTE: a. All the LEDs are active HIGH. (NOTE: This means high logic level will turn the LED's on). b. All the 7-segment displays are active LOW (NOTE: This means low logic level will turn the 7-segment on). c. The resetn signal must be assigned to the push button switch (PIN_G6) of the Cyclone- II EP2C35F672C6. There are four red buttons on the prototype board. Pin 1 is connected to the first button starting from the top. d. The clk signal must be assigned to the Clock Input (Toggle_Switch) of the Cyclone- II EP2C35F672C6 FPGA. e. The data_in signal can be assigned to the any available Switch (ex. PIN_N25). 6. Implement/program your design into the Cyclone® II 2C35 FPGA. NOTE: before programming double-check pin assignments. Incorrect pin assignments can result in failure of the Cyclone- II EP2C35F672C6 FPGA. 5. Demonstrate results to the instructor by displaying both the states and student identifier utilizing the displays of your prototype board. NOTE: Re-use the 7-segment module from Lab3 to display states and student identifier digits. student_id_digit_1 d1 5 student_id_digit_2 d2 0 student_id_digit_3 d3 0 student_id_digit_4 d4 4 student_id_digit_5 d5 3 student_id_digit_6 d6 5 student_id_digit_7 d7 4 student_id_digit_8 d8 2 student_id_digit_9 d9 9 Table 1 Digits Representing Student Identification number

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