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Visual Basic Design The residence time distribution of a packed column The Background The residence time distribution is one of the most important characteristics for continuously operating chemical engineering equipment such as reactors, mixing tanks distillation and adsorption columns etc. The residence time distribution tells us what the probability that a small portion of liquid needs specific amount of time to pass through the equipment Luckily there are number of relatively simple methods to measure it. Assume that your equipment operates steady state. Now you inject very small amount of a "tracer" into the feed stream AI same time you start measuring the effluent stream see which time your tracer passes through The result is usually : concentration distribution Over time CIT For small packed column in one of our labs such measurement has been done The tracer was salt solution and has been detected using conductance measurements. The primary result the measurement looks like this 180 160 140 120 80 60 40 20 15 20 t/s In this particular experiment the conductance Git)is related tothe concentration C(1) via C(t)=kG(t) Where the calibration factor k=500M/S (M=moVitre and stands for Siemens). Classilying equipment according to their residence time behavior is important, but the entire residence time distribution contains too much information to do that. Therefore one uses characteristic properties of the distribution such as the mean residence time and the variance. The mean residence time given by the first moment of the residence time distribution and can be calculated according t (c(n) The variance the second central moment of the residence time distribution and obtained via o Jc(1)dt Formally the upper limit of the integrations should be infinity but here WA can only integrate the data we have. (Actually, the students who measured the distribution should have waited bit longer, because G(1) has not completely decayedito zero when they stopped recording it.) The Task Program functions to 1. Calculate the total amount of tracer that was used via n=v]c(n)dt. where the volumetric flow rate through the column V = 2. Calculate the mean residence time. 3. Calculate the variance You can create many functions as you like. but you are Only allowed three function calls from the spreadsheet These calls go into the green column titled "value" This means that you are only allowed edit these three cells; others are protected You are also not allowed to add anything to the data spreadsheet Or to add new sheets Your functions also need to be documented This standard practice. However, here we will alsousei make sure that you are submitting your own work To dothis prepare document that contains 1) A brief but concise explanation of how each of the three problems has been implemented. State andjustify your concept Brielly explain methodis)used For the calculation of variance provide the equations that are used in your code; explain their variables and how the variables are provided in the code This could look ti) time the i-th Measurement from spreadsheet 2) Acopy of your code with line numbers. This should look like: Public Function WS ideal _gas(Pl, P2, V1) End Functio 3) brief but concise explanation of the implementation of the function used to calculate the variance. Use the folowing table as template. lines WS_ideal_gas function declaration 2 calculation of the surface area of the particle 2-3 calculation of the net fuel usage 4 end of function

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