Using VBA, develop a simple application that asks a user to input two letters of the alphabet. The application then counts the # of letters BETWEEN the user’s indicated letters. It should do this continuously in alphabetic order. You should include:
• 2 user forms, one for user inputs and one that displays the letter count
• A way for the user to return to the input form and input different letters.
• You must include a system for error trapping. The user should not be able to enter numerical values or leave inputs blank.
• You must use a ComboBox for letter inputs allowing the user to both manually enter the letter or select a letter from a drop down list.
• The system should be able to distinguish which way to count letters. (Example: There are 2 letters between A and D, but 22 letters between D and A.
• The program should run automatically when opened. (Hint: ThisWorkbook_Open)

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Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim letter1 As Integer
    Dim letter2 As Integer
    ' gets input letter and turn them into number
    letter1 = Get_Input(ComboBox1.Value)
    letter2 = Get_Input(ComboBox2.Value)
    ' error trap
    If letter1 = 0 Or letter2 = 0 Then
       MsgBox "You should not be able" & _
       " to enter numerical values, leave inputs blank" & _
       " or more than one letter in each box "
       ' show the output
       Dim output As UserForm2
       Set output = New UserForm2
       output.letter1 = letter1
       output.letter2 = letter2...
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