Design and code a project to calculate amount due for rentals. Movies may be in VHS format or DVD format. Videotapes rent for $1.80 each and DVDS rent for 2.50. New releases are $3 for DVD and $2 for VHS. On the form include a text box to input the movie title and radio buttons to indicate whether the movie is in DVD or VHS Format.

Use a check box to indicate whether a person is a member: members receive a 10% discount. Another check box indicates a new release. Use buttons for calculate, clear for next item, order complete, summary, print and exit. The calculate button should display the item amount and add to the subtotatl. The Clear for next Item button clears the check box for new releases, the movie title and the radio buttons the member check box cant be changed until current order complete.

Include Validation to check for missing data. If the user clicks on the calculate button without first entering the movie title and selecting the movie format display a message box. For order complete button, first confirm the operation with the user and clear the controls on the form for a new customer. The summary button displays the number of customers and the sum of the rental accounts in a message box.

Make sure to add to the customer count and rental sum for each customer order.

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Namespace My

    <Global.System.Runtime.CompilerServices.CompilerGeneratedAttribute(), _
    Global.System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute("Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editors.SettingsDesigner.SettingsSingleFileGenerator", ""), _
    Global.System.ComponentModel.EditorBrowsableAttribute(Global.System.ComponentModel.EditorBrowsableState.Advanced)> _
    Partial Friend NotInheritable Class MySettings
       Inherits Global.System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase

       Private Shared defaultInstance As MySettings = CType(Global.System.Configuration.ApplicationSettingsBase.Synchronized(New MySettings), MySettings)

#Region "My.Settings Auto-Save Functionality"
#If _MyType = "WindowsForms" Then
       Private Shared addedHandler As Boolean

       Private Shared addedHandlerLockObject As New Object

       <Global.System.Diagnostics.DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute(), Global.System.ComponentModel.EditorBrowsableAttribute(Global.System.ComponentModel.EditorBrowsableState.Advanced)> _
       Private Shared Sub AutoSaveSettings(ByVal sender As Global.System.Object, ByVal e As Global.System.EventArgs)
            If My.Application.SaveMySettingsOnExit Then
            End If
       End Sub
#End If
#End Region

       Public Shared ReadOnly Property [Default]() As MySettings

#If _MyType = "WindowsForms" Then
                   If Not addedHandler Then
                        SyncLock addedHandlerLockObject
                            If Not addedHandler Then
                               AddHandler My.Application.Shutdown, AddressOf AutoSaveSettings
                               addedHandler = True
                            End If
                        End SyncLock
                   End If
#End If...

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