Server and Web Technology
Zeus Books is a local bookstore that doesn't have a strong knowledge of server and web technology. Zeus Books has held out on having an e-commerce website but they understand that they will not be able to compete without a strong online presence. You've been hired by Zeus Books to be their consultant services on their endeavor to create and host an e-commerce website. Zeus Books requires more knowledge of webserver technology.
Based on your understanding of server and web technology, create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document showing comparison and contrast between Apache versus Internet Information Services (IIS).
Also include a diagram and description displaying how the end-user interacts with the web server so that Zeus Books understands the technologies and terminology involved with a web server.
Support your responses with examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.

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A. Comparison and contrast
1. Understanding IIS and Apache
a. Apache
Apache HTTP Server is an open-source Web server that operates on UNIX, Windows, Mac or Netware computers. According to The Apache Foundation, it “has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April 1996.” The current recommended release is 2.2, as of October 2010. This version was principally a security and bug fix release. The Apache Software Foundation has a security team that documents and corrects security bugs and implements fixes.
b. IIS
Formerly known as Internet Information Server, IIS 7.5 is an integral part of the Microsoft family of servers, currently Windows Server 2008. IIS is not installed by default but is available through “Add and Remove Programs.” Like Apache, Microsoft released IIS to the public in mid-1995. Although Apache has the lead in the general market share, IIS is the preferred Web platform for Fortune 1000 companies.
c. While both Apache and IIS service HTTP requests, each Web server has its own architecture, built-in features, and common add-ons. Though developed independently, both Web servers provide many of the same features, through either built-in functionality or add-on modules. Both servers support the following functions:
• HTTP request processing
• Authentication
• Access control
• Encryption (SSL)
• Caching
• Web site isolation
• Bandwidth throttling
• Load balancing
• Web frameworks and middleware
• Configuration files and management APIs
• Modular architecture
In solving this questions a systems administrator has to answer the most common questions on performance and scalability, stability setup...

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