1)____ CSS styles are styles whose code is located within the head section of the HTML code of a web page.
a. Internal
b. Local
c. Inline
d. Embedded

2)____ are images that have been divided into sections, each of which contains a link.
a. Links
b. Navigation bars
c. Banners
d. Image maps

3)____ are read by screen readers for users with visual impairments.
a. CSS blocks
b. Headers
d. Meta tags

4)____ may not display a favicon until the website is published to a server.
a. Most browsers
b. Opera
c. Internet Explorer
d. Firefox

5) A copyright owner has a “bundle” of ____ rights.
a. four
b. five
c. six
d. seven

6) A strong knowledge of ____ is a necessary skill for professional web designers.
a. networking
d. styles

7) A(n) ____ is the location on a web page that a browser displays when a user clicks an internal link.
a. spot window
b. target
c. anchor
d. screenshot

8) An IP address is an assigned series of numbers, while a domain name uses descriptive text; however, both refer to the same website. Compare an IP address and its domain name to your Name and Social Security number.
a. IP address = Your name
Domain = Social Security number
b. Your name = IP address
Social Security number = Domain
c. IP address = Social Security number
Domain name = Your name
d. Your name = Social Security number
IP address = Domain name

9) Cloaked folders and all the cloaked files those folders contain appear with red ____ in the Files panel.
a. “do not” icons across them
b. padlock icons next to them
c. “do not” icons next to them
d. slashes across them

10) Which tag is used for italic?
a. <slt>
b. <hr>
c. <ital>
d. <em>

11) Heading ____ is the smallest heading format size.
a. 0
b. 1
c. 5
d. 6

12) Heading ____ is the largest heading format size.
a. 0
b. 1
c. 5
d. 6

13) In the figure above, the number 1 is pointing to the ____. (The figure is in the attachment)
a. Color button
b. Images button
c. Websafe Color button
d. Upload button

14) Item ____ in the figure above points to the website URL. (The figure is the 2nd attachment)
a. 3
b. 2
c. 1

15) Item ____ in the figure above points to the protocol. (The figure is the 3rd attachment)
a. 2
b. 3
c. 1

16) The ____ of a web page includes the page title that appears in the title bar of the browser and some important page elements that are not visible in the browser.
a. keywords
b. head content
c. meta tags
d. body

17) The Coding toolbar is available only in ____ view.
a. Code
b. Code and Design
c. Debugging
d. Design

18) The HTML code for a Heading 4 tag is ____.
a. <4>
b. <heading4>
c. <h type=“4”>
d. <h4>

19) What is the extension for a Flash button?
a. .swf
b. .fla
c. .tra
d. .jep

20) Which selector type begins with a period (.) and is the most versatile.
a. Class
b. Compound
c. Tag
d. ID

21) When planning a website, which of the following is NOT a question you would ask concerning the site?
a. Who will update the site?
b. What is the timeline?
c. What is my budget?
d. What will the site need in ten years?

22) Ben is in charge of creating a new website for Cooing Kids Pacifiers, and he is planning to use Fluid Grid layouts. This is his first time using Fluid Grid layouts, so he asks his friend, Jann, for some pointers.

All of the following are good reasons that Ben should use predesigned layouts except:
a. They use div tags to control the placement of page content.
b. Each div tag container has placeholder text that appears until it is replaced.
c. He wants to use only tables to position content.
d. He can be sure that his pages will appear with a consistent design on all browsers.

23) Which of the following is the power user shortcut for Refresh?
a. [F3]
b. [F5]
c. [Ctrl][R]
d. [Option][F]

24) Which of the following is the shortcut for Refresh?
a. [F3]
b. [F5]
c. [F4]
d. [F2]

25) You can use the ____ panel to create folders to organize and store the various files for your website, and to add pages to your website.
a. CSS
b. Files
c. Dreamweaver
d. Application

26) You can use ____ on the CSS Styles panel to create, edit, and apply rules.
a. numbers
b. buttons
c. attributes
d. styles

27) You can press ____ to display the Code Inspector.
a. [Ctrl][Shift][C]
b. [F10]
c. [C]
d. [Tab]

28) There are ____ methods for creating an internal link to a page element ID.
a. one
b. three
c. two
d. four

29) You can insert images in the cells of a table using the Image command in the Images menu on the ____ panel.
a. Assets
b. Tools
c. Image Tag
d. Insert

30) Dreamweaver lets you choose from all of the following color modes except:
a. HSLa
b. RGBa
c. Web safe
d. HEX

31) The page title should reflect the page content and set the tone for the page. True or False

32) To attach a style sheet to another document, select the Add CSS Source button in the CSS Designer Sources pane, then select Attach Existing CSS file in order to open the Attach External Style Sheet dialog box. True or False

33) To import text from a Microsoft Word file, you use the Import Word Document command. True or False

34) Using div tags, you can position elements next to each other, but only if they do not overlap. True or False

35) When a form contains several required fields (fields that must be filled out before the form can be processed), it is a good idea to provide visual clues such as a different font color or other notation that label these fields as required fields. True or False

36) When necessary, you should add spaces in the filenames of web pages to make the names more readable. True or False

37) Using style sheets allows you to deal with both the content and the formatting of that content simultaneously. True or False

38) When you create a form, you need to include form field labels so that users know what information you want them to enter in each field of the form. True or False

39) The index page contains links to the CSS files. True or False

40) In Live view, you can only add or edit classes and IDs to page elements. True or False

41) You can use CSS styles to add properties such as text indents, padding, and margins when formatting text in div tags. True or False

42) You can also create forms that make changes to your web page based on information users enter. True or False

43) You can protect a website image by inserting it as a table, cell, or CSS block background and then placing a transparent image on top of it. True or False

44) You can use the Property inspector to format text so that it is attractive and easy to read. True or False

45) Each element in an ordered list begins with a tag and ends with a tag. True or False

46) A focus group is a marketing tool that asks a group of people for feedback about a product. True or False

47) A form on a web page consists of form labels as text boxes or radio buttons into which users type information or from which they make selections. True or False

48) Because the World Wide Web changes constantly, websites may be up one day and down the next. True or False

49) Designing is probably the most important part of any successful project. True or False

50) Each radio group you create allows only one selection from within that group. True or False

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