Some programmers and system analysts feel that output buffering slows down the response time of a website and adds memory overhead.

Imagine you are a website developer using PHP, analyze and explain the use of output buffering for optimization, based on appropriate research and reasoning.

In any web application such as a discussion forum that handles a large volume of data, database independence is the key factor that influences scalability. Analyze and discuss, using appropriate research and reasoning.

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B. Answer
1. Analyze and explain the use of output buffering for optimization
i. The reason of using PHP is that we need to have a dynamic content website and page generation engine make heavy use of output function to the browser to fulfill that task. For example: These script that use a lot print() statement will cope with bad situation because they will slow down the execution time of the script
ii. We usually use one of these solutions:
1. Output buffeting
2. Compressing PHP Output, we will focus
iii. We will focus con output buffeting. It helps reduce the I/O time of the script with PHP 4.0.3 or latter
iv. The main idea of this method is that we will store all the content that has to be printed out in memory buffer before outputting the whole buffer. This method have several advances
1. We will need only one I/O operation
2. The content could be parsed only one time for all case before outputting the browser...
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