Question 1
Which of the following is the proper way to dynamically access the background color?
b. document.body.attributes.BackgroundColor

Question 2
The fifth link on a page can be accessed using
a. links.item(4)
b. links[4]
c. either a or b
d. neither a nor b

Question 3
The Firefox DOM inspector interprets the white space between sibling elements as ________.
a. a text node
b. a sibling element
c. a root element
d. it does not appear in the DOM inspector

Question 4
Which of the following is not a DOM collection?
a. roots
b. anchors
c. links
d. forms

Question 5
The location object contains:
a. A reference to a child window.
b. A new window object.
c. The URL of the rendered document.
d. A reference to the rendered document.

Question 6
Which of these is the method of the window object that stops repetetive calls to a method?
a. clearTimer
b. stopTimer
c. stopInterval
d. clearInterval

Question 7
What is the significance of the second function argument in the following line?
window.setInterval( "run()", 100 );
a. The value sets how many times to call the function specified in the first argument.
b. The value sets how long the function is run for.
c. The value sets how often to run the function.
d. The value sets the time to wait before calling the function once.

Question 8
In the anchors, forms, images and links collections, the elements appear in ________.
a. the order they were defined in the document
b. alphabetical order
c. the reverse order they were defined in the document
d. the order of their proximity to the root node

Question 9
The elements in a web page are represented by a(n) ________.
a. object hierarchy
b. element tree
c. dynamic HTML
d. DOM property

Question 10
In the statement node1.replaceChild( node2, node3 ) , ________ replaces ________.
a. node3, node1
b. node1, node3
c. node2, node3
d. node3, node2

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Question 1: The answer is option D.
Question 2: The answer is option D....
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