Question 1
The name for Ajax was coined by ________ in ________.
a. Jesse James Garrett, 2005
b. Adaptive Path, 2003
c. Microsoft, 1998
d. None of the above.

Question 2
Which of the following is not a parameter of the method?
a. url
b. callback
c. mimetype
d. handler

Question 3
Ajax toolkits solve which of the following problems?
a. cross-browser incompatibilies
b. limited bandwidth availability
c. application security
d. compliance to web standards

Question 4
Unlike in POST requests, in an HTTP GET request
a. the request may not have parameters
b. the request may have only a limited number of parameters
c. the parameters are appended to the URL
d. the parameters are sent separatelyo

Question 5
Ajax takes advantage of ________ scripting to make applications more responsive.
a. server-side
b. PHP
c. client-side
d. XML

Question 6
If the code in a try block causes an exception, execution passes to ________.
a. the next line of the try block
b. the line after the try block
c. the corresponding catch block
d. the corresponding error block

Question 7
Ajax applications respond to user actions by making ________ requests to a web server.
a. synchronous
b. asynchronous
c. contiguous
d. asymmetric

Question 8
When an XMLHttpRequest object receives a response from the server, it invokes a ________, which usually performs a ________ to display the retreived data.
a. recursive function, browser reload
b. anonymous function, browser redirect
c. callback function, partial page update
d. delayed function, database query

Question 9
The Dojo Toolkit provides which of the following services?
a. DOM encapsulation
b. user interface widgets
c. simple asynchronous requests
d. all of the above

Question 10
The XMLHttpRequest object parses an XML response into a DOM tree and stores it in the ________ property.
a. response
b. responseXML
c. xmlData
d. responseTree

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Question 1: The answer is option A.
Question 2: The answer is option B....
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