Question 1
Making a web service available to receive client requests is known as ________ a web service.
a. accessing.
b. serving.
c. consuming.
d. publishing.

Question 2
The ________ annotation enables tools like Netbeans to "inject" complex support code into your class, thus allowing you to focus on your business logic rather than the support code.
a. @Insert.
b. @Inject.
c. @Resource.
d. @Dependency

Question 3
All methods of a web service class can be invoked by clients of that web service.

Question 4
Using a web service from a client application is known as ________ a web service.
a. accessing.
b. serving.
c. consuming.
d. publishing

Question 5
JAX-WS uses ________ to describe web services in a platform-independent manner.
a. XML.
b. SOAP.
c. WSDL.

Question 6
Web services also can receive and return objects of user-defined types-known as _______.
a. personal types.
b. custom types.
c. generic types.
d. None of the above

Question 7
The ________ annotation indicates that a class represents a web service.
a. @WebService.
b. @WebMethod.
c. @WebParam.
d. None of the above

Question 8
RESTful web services are implemented using standards, such as ________.
d. None of the above.

Question 9
To create a web service in Netbeans, you first create a project of type________.
a. Web Service Application.
b. Web Application.
c. Service Application.
d. Web Service

Question 10
Custom types that are sent to or from a web service are serialized into XML format-a process known as ________.
a. object serialization.
b. XML serialization.
c. class serialization.
d. None of the above

Question 11
The ________ annotation indicates the names of a method's parameters that will be exposed to a client calling one of the web service's methods.
a. @WebService.
b. @WebMethod.
c. @WebParam.
d. None of the above.

Question 12
Representational State Transfer (REST) refers to a(n) ________ for implementing web services.
a. standard
b. technology
c. architectural style
d. None of the above

Question 13
Which of the following is false with regard to a class that is used to specify parameter or return types in a web method?
a. The class must provide a public default or no-argument constructor.
b. Instance variables that should be serialized in XML format must have public set and get methods to access the private instance variables, or the instance variables must be declared public.
c. Non-public instance variables that should be serialized must have both set and get methods (even if they have empty bodies).
d. None of the above statements is false

Question 14
A ________ is a software component stored on one computer that can be accessed via method calls by an application (or other software component) on another computer over a network.
a. web method.
b. web service.
c. web object.
d. None of the above

Question 15
Each new web service class created with the JAX-WS APIs is a________- you do not need to extend a class or implement an interface to create a Web service.
a. Class.
b. Object.
c. POJO.
d. None of the above.

Question 16
A ________ object enables a web service to access and maintain information for a specific request, such as session state.
a. WebServiceContext.
b. ServiceContext.
c. WebContext.
d. None of the above

Question 17
Each request and response is packaged in a ________ (also known as a ________)-an XML "wrapper" containing the information that a web service requires to process the message.
a. SOAP message, SOAP envelope.
b. message, envelope.
c. SOAP message, SOAP package.
d. None of the above

Question 18
A ________ enables the client to manipulate the request information that will be sent to the server when invoking a web service method.
a. WebServiceProvider.
b. Provider.
c. Binder.
d. BindingProvider

Question 19
The ________ annotation indicates that a method can be called remotely.
a. @WebService.
b. @WebMethod.
c. @WebParam.
d. None of the above

Question 20
The computer on which a web service resides is referred to as a ________ or ________.
a. remote machine, server.
b. client machine, server.
c. server machine, client.
d. client machine, client

Question 21
The concept of using annotations to add code that supports your classes is known as ________.
a. code injection.
b. injection.
c. dependency encoding.
d. dependency injection

Question 22
A Java client application can consume a web service by adding a ________ to the application, which defines the proxy class that allows the client to access the web service.
a. client reference
b. web client reference.
c. web service client.
d. web service reference

Question 23
________ is an XML-based protocol that allows web services and clients to communicate, even if the client and the web service are written in different languages.
b. REST.
c. TCP.
d. UDP.

Question 24
The protocol that transmits request-and-response messages is known as the web service's ________ or ________.
a. format, protocol.
b. wire format, wire protocol.
c. web format, web protocol.
d. None of the above

Question 25
Which of the following is true?
a. Only desktop applications can consume web services.
b. Only web applications can consume web services.
c. Desktop and web applications can both consume web services.
d. A web service client must be written in the same programming language

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