1. Summary
very short: what is the contribution of the paper

2. Paper strengths
what is good about the paper, relevance, impact

3. Paper weaknesses
what is bad about the paper

4. Detailed technical comments
Technical observations, typos, undefined variables, proposals for improvement, corrections, false conclusions, etc going page by page, paragraph by paragraph.

p1. first paragraph: ….
p2. Last sentence: …

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1. Summary
The analyzed paper is bringing to light three persistent and difficult to circumvent web tracking mechanisms; this study increases the awareness of both users and organizations on the existent privacy violations in online environments since the activity of these hidden mechanisms take place without prior notification or knowledge sharing. At the same time the work adds value to existent forensic practices and tools especially in the context dominated by continuous increasing cloud computing and big data capabilities. From this viewpoint the detailed presentation offers new ideas to security practitioners for developing tools that can extract the web information considered lost forever. Not last, it offers a potential starting point for designing mitigation techniques even if “current options for users to mitigate these threats are limited, in part due to the difficulty of distinguishing unwanted tracking from benign behavior”.

2. Paper strengths
A major strong point of the studied paper is the deep analysis performed on a field where currently too many unknown things are. Any brief literature survey on this topic will reveal only few previous relevant results; therefore dissecting three distinct persistent tracking mechanisms at once can’t pass unnoticed in the scientific community. Since the beginning of the exposure the objectives are clearly formulated and the points of interest are mentioned in detail.
Secondly the paper succeeds in avoiding an approach focused intensively on theory. The evaluation done by tracing relevant-sized amount of websites for discovering behavioral patterns (e.g. instances of syncing of respawned IDs, canvas fingerprinting custom scripts) and their spread gives more legitimacy to the entire research and points-out the sophistication level reached by current web tracking mechanisms....

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