Write a paper on Service Oriented Architectures.
3 pages double spaced will suffice, with bibliography page.

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Service Oriented Architecture
SOA approach makes use exclusively of services when building the desired architecture. The work which must be performed is permanently decomposed until reaching basic operational level. In addition to services, SOA also contains the rules, policies, and frameworks which ensure the services are provided and consumed appropriately. The services from the collection of services communicate between them using a series of connection methodologies which are adapted for successful integration within the architecture. SOA-like architectures are implemented in various system types; in general, these systems belong to enterprise environments. The current paper also analyzes main service types that can be integrated into enterprise systems.
IBM regards SOA as a “business-centric IT architectural approach that supports integrating your business as linked, repeatable business tasks or services” (Amra & Hiebert, 2008)....

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