Design Goals
• The project should demonstrate skill using HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript, including AJAX.
• The end result should be a multi-user web application that stores its information in a database of your design.
• Users can create password-protected accounts. A logged-in user somehow has extra privileges, compared to a non-logged-in user.
• The pages should look nice and do something interesting.

What Should It Do?
Reservation System. Suppose you live at the beach and you own twelve jet skis that can be reserved in advance by customers who want to rent one. Each jet ski has a serial number, 1 – 12. Customers can make an online reservation, if one is available. They can request one or more skis for a day, and the system selects which serial numbers are available (or none), and tells them which units they have reserved. Don't overbook! Assume each reservation is for exactly one day. The administrator can get a report of the status of each jet ski – if it is busy and who has it*. This requires customer accounts and one administrator account. Calendar display is not required.

Your database should have at least two tables. Each project description above contains an asterisk (*) indicating a feature that should be implemented using a JOIN statement between two tables.

Using AJAX
At minimum, use AJAX to prevent duplicate usernames for customer or player accounts. You may use AJAX elsewhere within the project, also

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