Create gym website with animation CSS Frames HTML 5 the gym website should be called GEAR
Make the website creative and eye-catching
On the gallery page some images of inside the gym like what is has ex basketball court weight room put picture and
Product page should workout supplement protein pre-workout, amino acid and nutrition supplements many these supplements are online feel free use those images put them so it covers the page in organized way
Put in way where the product image and a description and price of the product
Like this
Product name
Image                         Description of what it is                               Price
Pricing page is different pricing the gym offers put like 20 40 60 put some benefits for each price feel free use membership benefit from other gym website
Registration page is main component for this website where is should be form validation make is in a way where user has to enter
Last First
include things like are trying to lose weight gain muscle stay fit like what is their health target
Membership type the registration page put an option as which membership they want 20 40 or 60 required field
Make name, DOB, address, email, phone, required fields
Have a submit button one they filled out all the required filed and if they did not fill all the requirements the system should give error prompt and marked the filed that were not completed in red
In the home page
There will one big image as shown in the mock up.
• Where 3 stock image are put some people doing workout stock image with no watermark and make in way there if the mouse hover over them they flip to text
The first text should be Decide
The second text should be Commit
The third text should be Succeed
On the top right where the text said Gear make nice and creative and make in a way where if I were click on it would take me to the home page
In the about us section make that section like follow us on twitter, Facebook and YouTube with the each site logos
Use color variation for about us and copyright and goes well with CSS and images keep it color in where every page has good transition
Make the navigation bar in way when you the mouse hover over each tab it turn different color and become highlighted.

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