Write a 2 1/2 - 3 page paper that is based on PPT from the class and answers the following questions:

    What are one tier, two tier and three tier architectures? (2 point)
    What are the key benefit and limitation of these architectures? (2 points)
    Use one real world three tier system as an example, explain how to design such a system using top-down design (2 points)
    Use one real world three tier system as an example, explain how to design such a system using bottom-up design (2 points)
    What is middleware, how is a middleware-based three tier system different from non-middleware based traditional three tier systems? (2 points)

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Generically speaking, these represent ways of organizing data communication within a distributed information system, being very used architectures in case of web developing software. Also it must be made a clear distinction between tiers and layers of an application. For multi-layers software these may reside on the same physical computer (practically on the same tier) and each layer parts communicate with other layer divisions through interfaces. The related functionality within software is grouped into distinct layers that are organized like a stack, on top of each other one. In case of strict layer applications the components from one layer exchange information only with components in the same layer or with components from the layer directly connected to it from the same level, or below it.
Multi-tier architectures (called N-tier) generally have minimum three separated logical parts (presentation, logical and data) each of them residing on separate physical server. Any tier responds for a précised functionality. Each one of the tiers is independent from the rest of tiers, excepting for those who are immediately above and below it. The communication type among all tiers is usually asynchronous so that to support better scalability features. Three tier constructions represent a particular case of the more general N-tier architecture described here....

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