• Choose a science news article highlighting a current event or recent research related to this week’s topic. In searching for an appropriate article, the following online science news sources are suggested:
-Science Daily
-e! Science News

• Write a 300-word essay about the article. The essay should have the following structure
-Paragraph 1 – a summary, in your own words, of the article's highlights and main points (about 10 sentences or 100 words)
-Paragraph 2 – a discussion, in your own words and ideas, of how the article relates to the concepts studied in class this week (about 10 sentences or 100 words)
-Paragraph 3 – a discussion, in your own words and ideas, of why the article is important (about 10 sentences or 100 words). This part focuses on one of the main objectives of this course – relating science to practical application and everyday life
-Include the exact web address that will link directly to the article

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The article deals with the periodicity of geyser eruption at the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. It is one of the most amazing places on the earth experiencing more than 5000 earthquakes every year with more geysers and hot springs ever found in the world. The Geologists have discovered that there are valid geological reasons of periodic geyser eruption at the park which are related to a delicate balance of heat and water supply from the underground and interconnection with the adjoining geysers. This predictability of geyser eruption gives a new insight to geoscientist for further investigation into eruptive activities of volcanoes....

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