Analyze the impact food-borne illnesses, genetic engineering and the organic food movements have on the global food markets.
Organic versus Conventional Food Cost Comparison
As a nutrition educator, you have been asked to compare the cost of organic foods versus conventionally grown foods in order to provide factual information to individual and family clients.

Review the Unit 6 material on organic foods provided by the Mayo Clinic.
Use this Food Comparison Table to conduct a cost comparison between five conventionally grown and organically grown foods.

Comparison Table:
• How easy or challenging was it to find organically grown foods?
• How were the organic foods labeled?
• If your local grocer, supermarket, or discount outlet does not regularly stock organically grown foods, what is the reason for not doing so?
• What rationale will you use to explain the cost difference to your clients?

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Unlike yesteryears, when organic food was obtained only in health food stores, it is now found in most stores and supermarkets. The popularity and ease of access of organic products have made it to the production aisle. In addition, there is the production of the foods in a conventional way. Consumers are always thrown into a dilemma because the products of organic and conventional production yield foods that have the same amount of nutrients and fiber. Smith-Spangler et al., (2001) argues that consumers face this dilemma since...

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