Course Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
HW320-1: Differentiate the current USDA’s dietary guidelines from previous versions.
HW320-2: Summarize the development and influence of farm and corporate food lobbies on governmental nutritional recommendations.
HW320-3: Compare selected diets currently being promoted.
HW320-4: Analyze the impact food-borne illnesses, genetic engineering and the organic food movements have on the global food markets.
HW320-5: Discuss the heterogeneous nature of food preferences and prohibitions in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic communities.
You will need this Final Project Template to complete your Final Project. Replace the italicized text in the template with your own content.
You will create a personal Diet and Nutrition Education Guide as a resource in your diet and nutrition career. This Diet and Nutrition Education Guide will cover materials from Units 1–9 in this course.
The guide is a way to capture important information about contemporary diet and nutrition course content, resources, and tools used in the study and practice of nutrition. It will also illustrate your personal assessments related to diet and physical activity. The guide can serve as a handy reference as you continue your nutrition studies, or to use in your professional career.
Each chapter/unit of this Diet and Nutrition Education guide should contain the following information:
1. A 3–4 sentence description of three (3) key learning points from each unit covered in the course.
2. A list and short description of three (3) websites identified within the Web Resources/Webliography for each unit covered in the course.
3. A list and short description of one (1) book/article/essay/software related to each unit’s topic covered in the course.

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Unit One- Diet and Physical Activity
1.    Lessons
Unit 1 examined the relationship between health, diet, and physical activity. The social health level of a community, as well as that of an individual, is a true indication of their daily diet and presence or absence of suitable physical activity. The core lessons from the course include the advisable dietary intake for various age groups, recommendable MIE weekly hours and the various food rich in different nutrients and diet requirements.

2.    Websites
A. Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity, and Health
The website is funded and run by World Health Organization (WHO) and offers the necessary information to increase social awareness about the lifestyle-related diseases and how to prevent them.
B. Diet and Physical Activity: What is the Cancer Connection?

The American Cancer Society website evaluates the chronic diseases related to poor diet and inadequate physical exercise. In the attempt to have a healthier society, American Cancer Society offers advises from a series of research and professional debates.
C. EU platform for action on diet, physical activity, and health
The website offers insights on the necessary global policies that if well implemented would increase the global health and encourage individuals to make smart dietary choices.

3.    Articles
A. Diet and physical activity in schools: by Candeias (2010)
The article offers advisory on the various activities that can be implemented in schools and other public organizations to promote social health....

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