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1. What products do you buy that have the biggest impact on carbon emissions? Water usage? Ecosystem quality? Human health and toxicity? Labor rights?
2. What are the types of uncertainty that exist in doing life cycle assessment?
3. Why should brand manufacturers care about a product’s environmental or social impacts that occur in its supply chain, far removed from the consumer?
4. Can you apply LCA methods to understand social impacts?

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Considering the products that I purchase, the largest contribution to my carbon footprint most likely comes from the purchase of food from cows and other farm grown foods and animals. The figures associated with this are summarized in research conducted by the Environmental Working Group which attempted to be as all-inclusive as possible in determining associated emissions.
For cows, this is not limited to ground beef and steak, but also includes dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. For the products mentioned above, roughly 90 percent of the total carbon footprint comes from the production phase. Since cows are ruminant animals, they produce a significant amount of methane. This methane enters the ecosystem primarily through digestion and manure, but most likely has other outlets as well.
Another widely diversified farm animal is the chicken. Granted chickens do not produce methane and thus contribute much less to the carbon footprint picture, but their contribution is...
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