Locate a recent (last 5 years) journal article in any peer reviewed journal. Article should have a chemical focus within the context of hydrologic systems.
For the paper review you should answer the following questions within your review.

1) Why did the authors feel it was important to conduct this study, and write this article?
2) What was the main purpose of the study?
3) What methods did the authors use to conduct their study?
4) What was the most important information in the article (e.g. data, facts observations etc)
5) What were the main conclusions of the article?
6) Did the authors of the study have enough proof to justify their conclusions? Why or why not?
7) What is the relevance of the study to the broader study of hydrology?

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A Review of I.R. Butler et al.’s 2015 paper: The cumulative impacts of repeated heavy rainfall, flooding and altered water quality on the high-latitude coral reefs of Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia

Butler et al.’s 2015 paper studied the effects of two flooding events that occurred in 2013 on the coral ecosystem at the river’s mouth. Specifically, they studied water quality and the health of six coral reef locations in Hervey Bay, near the mouth of the Mary River, located in Queensland Australia. The authors’ goal in conducting the study was to provide more specific information about the water quality of floodwater plumes in the marine environment. They point out that while it is well understood that excessive floods have negative impacts on corals, “we are only just beginning to understand how far-reaching and long lasting the impacts can be” (Butler et al., 2015). The authors thought it was important to write this paper because, while there is a lot of water quality data at larger temporal and spatial scales, there is not a lot of information on how water quality changes during the course of a single flooding event. The variations that occur during a single flood and afterwards due to wind, currents, and other factors can be important. The authors had studied the same river in a previous flood event and reported on it, and they use that paper as a reference to discuss in this paper as well....

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