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Create a list of all the toxic and hazardous material in your home. This list should include items such as lawn care products, cleaning products, electronic wastes, oil-based paints, batteries, and so forth. Review this list of household pollutants for additional products that should be included on your list. Attach your list to your journal assignment. If you have no or very few toxic or hazardous products, list the alternatives that you use.

In your journal entry, discuss why you chose toxic or hazardous products over more environmentally friendly products, if that is the case. If you have few or no toxic products, explain how you avoid the use of these products. Select at least two of the products on your list and discuss how they are regulated in terms of use and disposal. Finally, what is the potential environmental impact if these regulations are not followed?”

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Household Hazardous and Toxic Products List
Ant killer
Lithium metal batteries
Chlorine bleach
Hair spray...

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