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Write a paper on the State of the Art in onsite wastewater disposal, including giving tools to individual site designers on the effects of the discharge on the water table and the direction of flow of residual pollutants.
Thus, we can do a “receiving water” capacity analysis like we do for central sewer systems.

For pointers:
1) We will focus on small communities, sparsely separated in rural areas

2) Rely heavily on unsaturated zones/soils, because water flows slower in these areas and the slower the flow of water, the higher the contact time with the soils and therefore the better the removal process

3) The system we will design eventually will basically facilitate all intermediate processes to allow nature's process to take place quicker, and this will reduce cost of treatment by avoiding any external chemical or physical treatments

4) We will apply the use of geotextiles because they are cheap, easily replaceable and also optimize treatment efficiency

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State of Art Paper on Use of Geotextiles in Waste Water Treatment
A large section of population in developing countries lives in rural areas. The typical rural settlement is characterized by lack of infrastructure facilities like poor road connectivity, limited access to safe and potable water supply and lack of proper sanitation facilities. Rural sanitation encompasses components like, waste water management, solid waste management, domestic waste management, domestic sanitation practices, personal hygiene and overall village sanitation.
The conventional approach for waste water management, collecting the waste water away from settlement with the help of network of drains and treating it, is not an affordable option in case of rural areas. The onsite management of waste water is an option that has to be explored in detail. It involves use of locally available materials or low cost technical inputs to ensure efficient and effective treatment of the waste water. One of the emerging technologies for on-site domestic waste water management is use of geotextiles. This paper is an attempt to review various technical aspects of use of geotextiles for waste water treatment....

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