1. What is a foodborne outbreak? What are the criteria for determining an outbreak?
2. Choose one outbreak. What was the cause of the outbreak? What food was the disease present in? How many people were affected?
3. Give a brief description, in your own words, of the investigation of this food outbreak.
4. How is food part of your environment?

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1. What is a foodborne outbreak? What are the criteria for determining an outbreak?
A foodborne outbreak can be defined as more than two individuals falling ill upon eating the same food or beverage product, and become infected with the particular pathogen or toxin that is present in the product. An investigation is required to determine if a foodborne outbreak occurred. For example, if 7 people were hospitalized with botulism toxin poisoning, and an investigation determined that all 7 people ate the same canned soup, the CDC would define this as a foodborne outbreak....

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