Write a paper discussing food access as an environmental health and an environmental justice issue. For your information, you can look at the United States Department of Agriculture food access map. Please define food desert, discuss why food deserts exist, the health implications of food deserts, and suggestions to alleviate this environmental health issue.

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Environmental Health

Environmental health and environmental justice issues remain the most elusive dilemmas in the 21st-century world. These problems often come in different forms, but food access disparity is perhaps more prominent. However, food access is an umbrella term given that it encompasses a series of outcomes, with food desert being among the most fundamental. This paper seeks to illustrate how food access represents both an environmental health and environmental justice problem as manifested by the food desert. To accomplish this objective, the study will define food desert, describe the reason for its prevalence, identify the health implications of the issue, and suggest ways for alleviating the quandary.

Defining food desert
According to Spears, Powell, and Yang (2014), food desert refers to an area in which healthy food is almost inaccessible. While echoing this definition, Dutko, Ver Ploeg, and Farrigan (2012) debate that food deserts are...

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